Builder Trend is a popular web-based Construction Management System.  The Rapid Pro export creates a Microsoft Excel document of an estimate in a format that has been provided by Builder Trend to bring your estimate into the web application. 

You can create an estimate in Builder Trend, but since it does not provide cost data, Builder Trend provides software developers with the format needed to send estimates to Builder Trend.  


Prior to running the export, you will need to contact your Builder Trend representative to provide him with a file that contains a list of divisions that he can upload to your Builder Trend account. This file is included with the Custom Reports Add-In. Once that is installed, you will be able to import the Excel document created from your estimate. 


In Builder Trend, open the job that your estimate is associate with, go to the estimates tab and click on the Import from Microsoft Excel.  Browse to the Custom Reports folder on your system and select the estimate spreadsheet and upload the estimate.


The export to Builder Trend is included with the Custom Reports Add-In option for Rapid Estimator HomeTech Edition.