Residential, Commercial & Remodeling Cost Books Pricing by Area powered by Craftsman Book Company

  • 37,000+ cost items total

  • Change cost data by adjusting the labor rate

  • Area modifiers by 5-digit zip code

  • Bimonthly modifier update downloads

  • Each cost item references the page where it can be found in the publication it came from.

  • Contract templates from the Construction Forms and Contracts publication.

  • Pre-built assemblies

  • Division/Subdivision structure for commercial, residential/remodeler, and User databases.

  • PlanSwift Plug-in with built-in cost items.

  • Chief Architect material import cross-referenced to Craftsman cost-items


Rapid Pro Estimator 2020


Send your completed estimate into Quickbooks Pro with one click!


Create an estimate from a Chief Architect drawing!


Planswift seamlessly integrates with Rapid Estimator Pro


Rapid Pro can export your Estimate into Builder Trend!

Rapid PRO Estimator 2020 includes special features unique to the Craftsman Book Company cost data:

Rapid PRO Estimator 2020 includes special features unique to the Craftsman Book Company cost data:

Rapid Estimator Professional Edition has three cost databases – The Craftsman Commercial Database, the Craftsman Residential Database, and the Craftsman Repair and Remodeling Database.  The Craftsman databases contain all the current costs that are published in the National Construction Estimator Publication and the National Repair and Remodeling Estimator Publication.  In addition, a blank user database is included, and a quote can be obtained for converting your own data (for example, costs you may have in Excel).

Commercial, Residential, Remodeler and User Data estimates are created with appropriate division breakdowns that are commonly used so that estimates are structured in an organized format for presentation.  There is complete flexibility in accessing cost items from any of the cost databases. You have the option to order any or all the available databases.