Rapid HOME Estimator 2020

     Rapid Home Estimator 2020 contains over 11,000 residential and remodeling cost items selected from the 2020 Editions of The National Construction Estimator and the National Repair and Remodeling Estimator from Craftsman Book Company.  The cost items have been sequenced by residential division and grouped into four specialized areas – for new home construction, remodeling, kitchens and baths, and small jobs.  Cost items include man hours per unit based on an individual trade or crew rate.  Labor rates by trade can be changed and applied to all cost items that include that trade.

Residential, Commercial & Remodeling Cost Books Pricing by Area powered by Craftsman Book Company

Rapid Home Estimator 2020

  • 11,000+ cost items total

  • Change cost data by adjusting the labor rate

  • Area modifiers by 5-digit zip code

  • Bimonthly modifiers  update downloads

  • Each cost item references the page where it can be found in the publication it came from.

  • Contract templates from the Construction Forms and Contracts publication.

  • Pre-built assemblies

  • Cost items are presented in order of residential construction by division/subdivision


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Rapid HOME Estimator 2020 includes special features unique to the Craftsman Book Company cost data: