PlanSwift is a highly popular takeoff-program that reads drawings in PDF or other formats.  It’s intuitive point and click, drag and drop architecture makes it easy to takeoff simple or complex areas, items, length, volumes, and perimeters quickly and accurately.  The Rapid Estimator integration takes Plan Swift’s built-in estimating functionality to another level by integrating the Craftsman Databases cost codes within PlanSwift

planswift offers a 14 day free trial

  • Takeoff in a fraction of the time with PlanSwift software click, drop, and estimate functionality.

  • Manage projects large and small with accurate and timely calculations.

  • Easily adjust cost projections, simply change product cost and recalculate!

  • Bid more jobs, manage more efficiently and grow your business with PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software.



As you prepare your takeoff in PlanSwift you select the cost items from drop-down item lists for each area of your takeoff.  An estimate list is generated in PlanSwift with the quantities required for your estimate.   The integration requires that both PlanSwift and Rapid Estimator are installed on the computer


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To bring your PlanSwift estimate list into Rapid Estimator, simply open PlanSwift to the document you want to import, then click on the PlanSwift icon on the Links ribbon in Rapid Estimator.  The import wizard automatically retrieves the estimate list cost codes and quantities from PlanSwift, matches the cost codes to the current costs and transfers the items into the open estimate.