Frequently asked questions

Is Rapid Estimator a web-based or desktop application?

Rapid Estimator is a Windows desktop application that runs on all versions of the Windows operating system Windows 8 or highter. It requires a Windows partition to run on a MAC. Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop are to examples of software that allows windows within your MAC environment.

Why are there two versions of Rapid Estimator?

There are two versions to provide the best approach to preparing estimates based on the underlying cost data. There are two versions of Rapid Estimator to be able to offer targeted estimating solutions to different segments of the construction estimating market.

What are the main differences between the two versions?

See Software Comparision Chart

What are the similarities?

In terms of appearance, navigation, and operation the systems are very similar. Both systems have extensive reporting capabilities, scheduling, a contract writer, interface to QuickBooks, built-in assemblies, and an optional Custom Reports Add-in that includes an interface to Builder Trend.

Which one should I choose?

It depends on the nature of your construction business and your own approach to estimating. That is why we provide free 10-day trial downloads for you to determine which system is a better fit for you.

Can I use both?

Absolutely. The two systems can reside on the same computer without any interference. You can also import estimates, customers, and custom cost data from Rapid Home to Rapid Pro.

What if I want to use my own custom data exclusively?

Both products are delivered with cost data from Craftsman Book Company, but only Rapid Pro has a unique "User Database" which can be structured to your own divisions and subdivisions.